VR Porn is taking over the internet

Have you watch a virtual reality porn video yet? If not, then you really need to!  With the growing number of free armature porn being uploaded, porn companies are taking a huge hit.  This is forcing them to think out of the box, or as far into the future as possible.  Offering a porn viewing experience you cant find anywhere else.

This started years ago, with the success of Bang Bus and other niche porn companies.  Many of you who follow porn, have seen the pawn shop scenes and even the border patrol plots.  All these are twists or spins to draw in more viewers.  Giving their fans a peek into a fantasy role playing porn, they always wanted.

Plus with the first person experience many Las Vegas strip clubs are even looking into this option.  Allowing viewers to beam into a live strip club, anytime day or night.  The next best thing, would be to hire a private Las Vegas stripper to your hotel room.