VR Porn is taking over the internet

Have you watch a virtual reality porn video yet? If not, then you really need to!  With the growing number of free armature porn being uploaded, porn companies are taking a huge hit.  This is forcing them to think out of the box, or as far into the future as possible.  Offering a porn viewing experience you cant find anywhere else.

This started years ago, with the success of Bang Bus and other niche porn companies.  Many of you who follow porn, have seen the pawn shop scenes and even the border patrol plots.  All these are twists or spins to draw in more viewers.  Giving their fans a peek into a fantasy role playing porn, they always wanted.

Plus with the first person experience many Las Vegas strip clubs are even looking into this option.  Allowing viewers to beam into a live strip club, anytime day or night.  The next best thing, would be to hire a private Las Vegas stripper to your hotel room.

Las Vegas and the call girls of Sin City

It’s a fact that when you think of Las Vegas, you instantly think of beautiful girls, Strippers, and Las Vegas escorts. Now we all know most people think, hookers or prostitutes are legal in Las Vegas. Well the fact is they are not, they are only legal outside Clark county in smaller populated areas of Nevada. However you can still spend time with sexy girls while your in Sin City.

What exactly are Las Vegas Escorts?

Las Vegas escorts are 100% legal and in no way promise sex or sexual favors. However if you treat the girl nice, tip well and just have fun. What happens between two adults is their business, you might just get lucky if she likes you!

There are two options, and we at EnjoyEscorts.com try to offer them both to you. You can choose to hire an independent Las Vegas escorts, these girls work for themselves and sometimes offer lower rates. Just be warned, this can also lead to shady dealings, property theft, and sometimes even worse. So be smart, and use your head. The other option is to go right to a licensed Las Vegas escort agency, they are legal in Nevada and many other places. Registered under an entertainment agency license, they screen every girl that works at an agency. To ensure not only quality, but also safety.

Remember your paying for a hot woman’s time, you should always be kind and tip well for extras. Escorts are allowed to provide fully nude dances, rub downs, massages, toy shows, and sometimes for bachelor parties or events even adult toy games. Just be sure to call ahead for parties, so the agency or girl can arrange more girls or toys.

You can find a wide range of sexy girls offering their time for a small hourly payment. Keep in mind, these girls are highly sought after and very beautiful. The prices can range on availability and simply how hot the women are, never talk about prices or requests over the phone. All requests must be made in person, the escort only needs a few details over the phone. Time and location of your party, room number and last name under the hotel room. Plus the number of clients or guests that will be attending. After that, all special requests and talks can be done in person.  We even have some call girls visit from all locations such as, Virginia Beach Escorts, Manhattan Escorts, and Miami Escorts.